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Deep Freeze Key

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Deep Freeze is system freezing and jamming software by Fronics that freezes your system in such a way that the changes you made are never permanent on the system. If your system becomes unstable or crashes due to any reason such as the attack by the malware or by the power failure you don’t have to be panic as just reboot your system and it is once again in operative and proper working mode. The DEEP FREEZE KEY will restore the system to that normal and key functioning point where it was last frozen. Deep Freeze works like wonder as everything bad thing that happened to your PC for some reason will be erased just like magic.

The Two States of Deep Freeze

After installing on your system Deep Freeze works with its two states that can be listed as under:-

  • The Thawed State
  • The Frozen State

Thawed State

The thawed state is the key state before the frozen state and it’s the state where you want your system to be restored in the case of any malfunction or any problem such as virus attack or crashing of the system due to some reason. DEEP FREEZE KEY is the ideal state of the system and your system will be reboot to this state next time if it faces any problem or challenge that results in crashing of the key system. Deep Freeze Standard License Key + Crack Free Download can freeze and thaw according to your own requirement and at any point you can also change the thaw state of the system to incorporate any changes in the thawed state.

Freeze State

Deep Freeze is the state when you system stops key working and is at the verge of taking it back to the thawed state for the proper functioning and proper working. Deep Freeze simply need to reboot to get out of this state towards the proper functioning state of your system

Where can Deep Freeze are Used

Deep Freeze is ideal software to be installed on the key systems and workstations that remain in continues kiosk situation and state. Deep Freeze is not much ideal for the home PC as generally it is designed for the public PC and workstations being used in Labs. For example if Outlook express is installed on your system and you have opened and stored your emails on the home system the data will be lost after the key reboot of PC from freeze to thawed state. DEEP FREEZE KEY tends to recover the system as a whole from the thawed point and the changes that are made after a thawed state has been made will not be applied to the recovered system. However Deep Freeze is ideal for the small and medium businesses and is simple and easy to use. The Deep Freeze can also be used on the Linux and MAC operating system along with the Windows operating system.

DEEP FREEZE FULL LICENSE KEY CRACK DOWNLOAD can handle all the wreck balls hitting your key system such as crashing of the browsers, manhandling of the applications and programs installed on the system. Deep Freeze can also handle havocs created in the sensitive areas of the system such as registry entries and drivers of the system. Deep Freeze can also restore all the changes that you have made to the file paths and kernel files in the registry. In order to get rid of all the havoc created you just need to reboot your system and it is as simple as that.

There are different versions of Deep Freeze available in the key market such as the Standard Version, Business version, Education version and the Server Platform version of the software. The price of standard version is $45.99.

Deep Freeze Key


Features of Deep Freeze

  • DEEP FREEZE KEY locks down the system and still gives us a little flexibility to work with it without any intervention
  • The Deep Freeze can be controlled from a web console as well as from the mobile application
  • There are complete statistics showing the monitoring and the usage of the software


License: ShareWare
Language: English
OS: Windows
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Deep Freeze Key


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