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Vector Magic Crack

Vector Magic Desktop Edition Keygen, Crack Free Download


Vector Magic is a graphic designing tool that provides you more productivity as compared to Illustrator or Corel Draw to convert Bitmap crack images in to the vector images. Vector Magic is a tool that is the production of Stanford University Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and one of the most valuable additions in the arsenal of free applications to play with vector and bitmap crack images. This Vector Magic is ideal to edit the images online without any hassle and problem.

If we want to dissect the operational features of Vector Magic, we will come to know that software takes the images in pixel form and converts these images into scalable or the vector images. The result of this VECTOR MAGIC CRACK is that you can easily edit and resize the image without any pixel or quality loss or without any blur and the images created are very much ideal for creating logos, and other images that can appear in both the large and smaller size and crack format. Vector Magic Desktop Edition Crack 1.15 Full Free Download provides you with full support in uploading and editing of a number of formats such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP and TIFF format and the final products are exported in the form of EPS, SVG, PNG files. Although there may be some more time taken to convert the image files in Vector Magic to other formats online but you can easily convert crack JPEG images to various sized vector images online with ease and efficiency.

In the first step while working with the Vector Magic you have to upload the image that you want to edit and you have to specify what the format of the image is. Vector Magic can also upload photographs, logo of different formats with the blending of the color boundaries and also logos without the color blending at the boundaries of the image. Vector Magic can also select the pre-fill image type option with the help of the checkbox below the uploading dialogue of the crack image. This feature in VECTOR MAGIC CRACK will automatically detect what type of image format you have uploaded. In the next step, you have to check the level of the image detail in Vector Magic Desktop 1.15 Crack And Activation Code Free that is the low detailed image, medium detailed image and high detailed image. If you are uploading a logo for editing and transformation in Vector Magic, you need to specify whether the logo has twelve colors or less than twelve colors.

If the number of colors are less than the crack software will automatically detect that and analyze the colors so that you can change the complete color palette of your logo. However, if your image is a photograph more than 12 colors you have to let the Vector magic Desktop edition 1.15 Crack Product key Serial Number Keygen to analyze and change the colors according to its own intelligence that is super accurate. After selecting the setting of the image, you are now ready to convert the image to a vector image. The time taken for crack conversion of the image in Vector Magic depends upon the size of the image, details of the picture and the quality of the output of the vector image. VECTOR MAGIC CRACK can also track your progress of the conversion using the cookie based system of your machine. There is also a progress bar showing the progress of the process of conversion of your images.

You are absolutely free to edit your images in Vector Magic and upload them as much as you can. This means that Vector Magic supports multitasking at an online platform that is truly amazing. After the completion of crack conversion split screen is displayed showing the before and after of your images and also let you zoon the image and see the details of the converted image as compared to the original image. There is also availability of troubleshoot options in Vector Magic at the right-hand side of the interface so that in the case of any problem you can tweak the image further to make it completely perfect.

Vector Magic Crack

Vector magic Desktop edition 1.15 Crack Product key Full

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vector Magic


  • The user interface of Vector Magic is fairly intuitive and makes it very easy to work with the software
  • The final and tweaked product is high in terms of crack quality and pixels and make it ideal tool for conversion
  • Vector Magic provides you with complete value of your money


  • Sometimes the conversion time taken by Vector Magic is much longer as compared to other competitors

Bottom Line

VECTOR MAGIC CRACK is a new way of turning your regular images into vector images that are high in quality and overall presentation.


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