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Sony Vegas Pro 13 patch

Sony Vegas Pro is powerful, feature rich as well as beginner friendly video editor that now comes with a number of new and professional feature that let you perform advance editing tasks with ease and crack professionalism. The Sony Vegas Pro 13 is fairly easy to learn and use due to its timeline based editor and this makes it one of the best video editors available in the market. The SONY VEGAS PRO 13 CRACK has all the tools and features necessary to create HD movies, TV Shows, Music Videos and Audio, and all the other video based programs such as video based crack slide shows etc.

Sony Vegas Pro let you do all the work of post-production under one platform that makes it one of the unique entries in our list of best video editors. Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack Serial Number Keygen Free Download can perform the tasks such as crack color correction, masking effects, Chroma key effects with green screen, advanced sci-fi effects, stereoscopic tools and much more to create a professional level video. The final results produced by Sony Vegas Pro 13 are no difference from the high-end industry standard video editors. In order to support post production landscape Sony Vegas Pro is one of the most economical and inexpensive crack program available in the market right now. The workflow of SONY VEGAS PRO 13 CRACK is equally beneficial for the beginners as well as the advanced users and comes in extreme wallet friendly price.

The new version of the Sony Vegas Pro 13 comes with five new editing tools that are the Shuffle, Slip, Slide, Trim, Compress and Stretch and Split Trim tool. These features were available in the form of keyboard shortcuts in the previous version of Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack however in the new and latest version you can access them in the form of clickable icons. The project archiving feature of the Sony Vegas Pro 13 is also improved and enhanced where all the media files related to one project is stored in one single location. The SONY VEGAS PRO 13 [CRACK + SERIAL NUMBER + PATCH + KEYGEN] – [LATEST] is not only beneficial for the crack beginners but also it is ideal for use for the professionals as well. There is introduction of the Loudness Meter in the software to coup with CALM Act presented by the Government. This Volume Meter is ideal for those professionals who are working in the broadcast market. Another unique and professional feature of the SONY VEGAS PRO 13 CRACK is its Proxy First Workflow that allows the shooting crew to shoot at the remote crack locations with their teams and send back the recorded video and footage back to the studio and begin the work on the footage before the team returns from the remote location so that they can start editing the video right after its reception. The only limitation to use this feature of Sony Vegas Pro 13 is the availability of internet connection.

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack

There is another unique tool of the Sony Vegas Pro 13 that is Vegas Pro iPad Connect tool and let you perform the basic functions of editing right from your desktop. The tool let you control the play back and the drop markers and also let you collaborate with the other editors that are collaboratively working on the video for editing. The other editors in Sony Vegas Pro 13 can also play back your crack projects as it allows them to download the proxy version of the project and let them make notes that you can sync with the desktop version of the project. The Sony Vegas Pro 13 works very well with the formats of DLSR and RED Cameras as well so that you can seamlessly work in any given format.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Sony Vegas Pro


  • Sony Vegas Pro supports iPad and Proxy Flow Workflow that let you edit your videos while you are away from your desktop
  • There are very strong and professional crack features of the Sony Vegas Pro 13 that are beneficial for both the beginners as well as advanced users
  • Sony Vegas Pro is a collaborative application
  • The software is affordable as compared to other video editing software available in the market
  • There are additional and useful plug-ins in the Sony Vegas Pro 13


  • The enhancements are not as much as to make it a useful and strong upgrade from the previous version
  • The interface and the work flow is not as refined as in some competitive crack products in the market

Bottom Line

SONY VEGAS PRO 13 CRACK is extremely useful and outstanding piece of software that has same tools and features as offered by some big guns in the industry.


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