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KMSPico Windows 8.1 is latest and one of the most widely used activator product for the Windows platform including Windows 8.1. This tool is being used by a number of people around the world to activate their Windows product when they are unable to get them activated directly from the Microsoft Platform. In addition to the Windows operating system KMSPICO WINDOWS 8.1 can also activate all the Microsoft Office Packages as well. KMS is actually stands for the Key Management System that is basically a technology being used by Microsoft to activate and license their products in bulk. The software running on these devices and activated by using KMS technology are the volume license channels.

KMSpico 10.2.0 Activator Final 2016 Latest Full Version has an ability to replace the installed key of the product with the volume license key generated by the Microsoft. This can be done by creating emulated versions or instances of the license key on your system and force all the device to register them against the volume license key. The process of activating Windows 8.1 with KMSPico Windows 8.1 is a very simple and straight forward method. Each time you are going to activate Windows with KMSPico Windows 8.1 you will have to inactive all the Windows that you are currently working on to have a clean and neat installation and will enjoy working on the neat and clean wallpaper of your currently installed Windows.  KMSPico Windows 8.1 is very useful when you have to concentrate on your work as such as they don’t consume much space on your system and keep your system light and clutter free. KMSPICO WINDOWS 8.1 can also be activated with the help of keyboard shortcut that you have chosen for it. After the activation, the software will close all the inactive Windows and also closes itself too.

The process of activation on Windows 8.1 can be divided into three different types or kinds. The best process of activation of Windows 8.1 Permanent Activator Free Download includes injecting a DLL to the activation process and patching it on the temporary basis in order to divert the request of activation so that it can by past the local host check for valid and authentic key. This method is very fast and no permanent changes are made to the system. There is a second method as well where we use a service known as Win Divert that is use for redirecting the packets. KMSPico Windows 8.1 circumvents the local host check by capturing the packets and making them to look like as they have come from a different IP address. The process is slower as compared to the first one as it first installs the service than captures the packet and then redirects it. There is also a third method other than WINDOWS 8 AND WINDOWS 8.1 PRO ALL ACTIVATOR FREE DOWNLOAD that is used when no one from the above methods is working. This method make use of installation of a TAP Driver that is used to create a virtual network adaptor and makes to look that the activation process is coming from some different IP address. This method is not a simple one and is a cumbersome and somewhat clunky method.

In a nutshell we can say that KMSPICO WINDOWS 8.1 activates the Windows 8.1 through bypassing off the check from the local host as a different IP. While doing so you can get some abnormal entries in your firewall however it is not out of question and it is safe and normal procedure. However, you must keep one thing in mind that KMSPico Windows 8.1 activation lasts for only 180 days and you have to reactivate the PC if the time period is over. There is a solution of this problem too and that is to reset the KMSPico Windows 8.1 twice a day to keep your system activated for unlimited time period.

KMSPico Windows 8.1 Pro Activator


Advantages and Disadvantages of KMSPico Windows 8.1


  • KMSPico Windows 8.1 is most effective and durable Windows 8.1 activator of the recent times
  • KMSPico Windows 8.1 does not deprive the user for getting any updates from the Microsoft as it is in the normal way


  • KMSPico Windows 8.1 activator is not a legit service and it means stealing activation keys from Microsoft

Bottom Line

KMSPICO WINDOWS 8.1 is ideal for activating Windows without spending a dime as it let you by pass the local host check and activate the multiple devices without having authentic activation key from Microsoft.


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KMSPico v10 Windows 8.1 Universal Activator

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