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KMSPico For Windows 10 [Activator For Windows 10 Free Download]

KMSPico 11.0.3 download

KMSPico is the latest and most popular Microsoft Windows Activator that is being used around the globe extensively. Loads of people, organizations and enterprises are using this software to activate their operating system with efficiency and ease. In addition to Microsoft Windows the kMSPico For Windows 10 can also activate all the versions of Microsoft Office as well. In a nutshell, we can say that KMSpico 10.2.0 Final + Portable (Office and Windows 10 Activator) is tool that is developed to steal the Windows and activate it for the life time. The kMSPico For Windows 10 makes use of technology known as KMS that stands for Key Management Services that is used by Microsoft to activate the Windows operating system in bulk. Most of the time KMS technology is used to activate Windows in corporate environment.

kMSPico For Windows 10o has fixed number of activations associated with it and where MAK is used to activate the fixed number of devices by phoning back to the Microsoft Activation Servers in KMS activation the scenario is somewhat different as the KMS client act as the activator by phoning the devices to the KMS client rather than calling to the Microsoft Servers. The KMS client is called to the local network so that the privacy is maintained as well as they avoid bombarding Microsoft Servers as well. KMSPICO FOR WINDOWS 10 while activating the software replaces the installed key with the volume key and also creates emulated instance of KMS on your system and force the product of Windows to activate against the KMS Server. There are three different methods used for activation by kMSPico For Windows 10 as listed under.

In the number one method is to inject a DLL to the activation process and patching it to temporarily in place to divert the process of activation. In this process the local host is bypassed. WINDOWS 10 ACTIVATOR BY KMSPICO 10.0.10240 – AIO WINDOWS DOWNLOAD is fast process and no permanent changes are written to the system. In the second method, there is use of a service known as WinDivert Service that is a packet redirector service. In this method, the packets are captured and when kMSPico For Windows 10 seems like that the packets are coming from some different server other than the local host it circumvents the local host check. This method is slower than the method number one as it has to install a service and use that service for activation. The third method for KMSPICO FOR WINDOWS 10 is the least recommended method that involves the installation of TAP driver that creates a virtual network adaptor and seems like the activation server is coming from some different IP address. This is the clunkiest method of the three methods of activation.

So, in short KMSPico activates the Windows 10 by using the first method that is of bypassing the local host as a different IP address. While during this process you can experience some strange entries in your antivirus firewall that is absolutely safe and normal. kMSPico For Windows 10 provides you the activation that lasts for only 180 days and after that you have to re-activate your copy of Windows 10. If you install kMSPico For Windows 10permanently on your computer it will reset the count two times a day so that you don’t have to reactivate after180 days. However, if you don’t want to permanently install the software there is also a portable version of the software as well. In the portable version, you have to run KMSPico manually after 180 days.

KMSPico For Windows 10


Advantages and Disadvantages of KMSPico


  • KMSPico is the most effective and durable activator of the Windows 10
  • KMSPico is also capable for activating all the versions of Windows such as Windows 8 and 8.1 and also Windows 10.
  • kMSPico For Windows 10 can also activate Microsoft Office Product including Microsoft Office 2016
  • The software activates the Windows on the local network and you don’t need to connect to Microsoft Network to activate your copy of Windows
  • The software is much safe and secure to use as there is no malware


  • KMSPico is not a legitimate software
  • In certain cases, it is used to activate pirated version of Windows
  • There are number of malicious software disguising as KMSPico activator so you must download it from official website

Bottom Line

KMSPICO FOR WINDOWS 10 is ideal for activating multiple copies of Windows 10 by connecting to KMS server at local network and there is no need to connect to Microsoft Server for activation.


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