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Advanced SystemCare 10 is a system cleaning and optimization software as the name indicates that helps in dealing with all the issues of the key PC related to privacy, registry cleaning, shortcut problems and many other system tweaking activities. The Advanced SystemCare 10 not only fixes the key performance issues of the PC but also make it better optimized in terms of speed as well. The best part of the ADVANCED SYSTEMCARE 10 KEY is that all the operations conducted by it are absolutely automatic. Although the Advanced SystemCare 10 Pro Serial Number Download doesn’t produce drastic key improvements but still there are improvements in the most consistent and easy way. One of the best features of the Advanced SystemCare 10 is its excellent interface that makes the process of fine tuning your PC extremely easy.

We have generated a number of local tests on our system to evaluate the performance of Advanced SystemCare 10 and we are glad to announce that the optimizing key software has increased the boot speed up to 10.5 percent in overall results. There is also diagnostic consistency in the results generated by Advanced SystemCare 10 as it has 99 percent score in consistence results after key scanning. This consistency means that the Advanced SystemCare 10 rarely found any errors or optimization issues once the scan is done and all the optimization related issues are solved. The new version of the Advanced SystemCare 10 comes with enhanced uninstaller that the key browser protecting startup manager of the software.

There are different skins of the software that help you to customize ADVANCED SYSTEMCARE 10 KEY according to your own key requirements. The Classic and Readable skins of the program provide it an enhanced layout and provide the app looking interface to the software. The new version of ADVANCED SYSTEM CARE PRO SERIAL KEYS + CRACK IS HERE also comes with one click operation that makes the process of cleaning junk files, registries errors, leftovers and the optimization of the startup items of the system. The Advanced SystemCare 10 also cleans the unnecessarily installed driver key packages on the system and also frees the system resources and hard drive from unwanted data and broken and unused files.  There is a redesigned Performance Monitor of the system in Advanced SystemCare 10 that gives you detailed real time information about the CPU usage and performance. The Advanced SystemCare 10 also provides you information about key GPU and the temperature of motherboard as well. The software also provides you with intuitive reports of RAM and CPU usage and let you know the actual performance status of your system.

Additional new features of ADVANCED SYSTEMCARE 10 KEY include Face ID and Surfing Protection as well as Ad Removal operations of the key software. Face ID captures and blocks the intruders that are trying to access and hack your PC illegally. Surfing Protection protects you from the online hackers, sneakers, Phishing URL, malicious websites and many other threats and infections that came into your way when you browse the internet. There is a huge and advanced database in Advanced SystemCare 10 of Privacy Sweep, Spyware Removal, and the Real-Time Protector that helps in more smooth and more efficient key browsing experience over the internet. The FaceID in the new version of the software have additional support of recognizing multiple cameras for identification of sneakers. Advanced SystemCare 10 has also Turbo Boost feature of the software that gives you much faster and smoother PC in terms of the overall performance. Enhance system startup booster that helps in reducing the key boost time of the system startup.

Advanced SystemCare 10 license code


Advantages and Disadvantages of Advanced SystemCare 10


  • There are additional security features in Advanced SystemCare 10 such as Home Page Protection, System Reinforce Manager, and Surfing Protection for the smooth browsing experience
  • The Advanced SystemCare 10 supports one click scan that is fast, deep, and provides full scan performance with just a single click.
  • Advanced SystemCare 10 has a toolbar and plug in cleaner that does not only removes browser barnacles but also helps in protection against key online infections
  • There is additional PC health and performance monitor to get an insight in the real health status of the software


  • Some of the tools and advanced features of the Advanced SystemCare 10 are not available in the free version and you have to purchase the pro version
  • There is no support for multiple uninstall feature

Bottom Line

ADVANCED SYSTEMCARE 10 KEY is a complete bundle that comes with various security features and system performance enhancing and boosting tools.


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